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Finally published this work from 7 ye...

Finally published this work from 7 years ago!
http://elifesciences.org/content/3/e01267   I’m happy to finally have this stuff published. The most interesting thing to me was the binning of the NRSF binding sites based on affinity when looking at the microarray results. The analysis was spurred by suggestions from Avtar Roopra and turned out to be very enlightening. http:// [...]

Code Jam Round 1A

Code Jam Round 1A
Totally missed it Kids soccer, building a side table for my wife, community garage sale, … 1B is another soccer game, but 1C is 2am for me, so no excuses (well except for its at 2am). At least no family conflicts at 2am

Qualification Round Google Code Jam 2...

Qualification Round Google Code Jam 2014
DECEITFUL WAR!! Google declares war on coders’ free time! Finally, this year I might have the time and sleep to actually do the Google Code Jam (hoping my kids are now old enough not to wake me at random times). You need 25 points to move on. I got the first problem A. Magic Trick pretty easy, that’s a gimme I think. 6 points So [...]

New (free) Home on Azure – why ...

New (free) Home on Azure – why do you vex me cleardb
I lost most of my pictures in the transition over, but the new home is (basically) free with my MSDN Azure credits. One reason I lost more pictures than I otherwise would have was that I originally was using an Azure Website service (which automagically uses cleardb). Cleardb, however, then charges alot of money per month to use it’s My [...]

Saving for College, 3 kids – $1...

Saving for College, 3 kids – $1 million
I have 3 boys – 2, 4, and 6 years old. I went to school (alot of it, too much of it), so hearing the doom and gloom stories of increasing college expenses, I thought I would check out what the ‘experts’ say that I should expect to be paying and saving in the coming decades. Well… The average annual expense now: Ivy Le [...]

Demand Congressional Term Limits?

Demand Congressional Term Limits?
I don’t buy the arguments against congressional term limits. The big one is that if representatives know they don’t need to get re-elected then they won’t care about what their voters think and thus will not represent their electorate… umm, they don’t currently care a great deal about their electorate except fo [...]

In your face Bozo Sort!

In your face Bozo Sort!
FINALLY! I have been so busy with family, the Phd, research, new job (learning to be a real developer instead of a neuroscientist who plays with computers) – geesh, …I would solve Project Euler problems, for fun, when I had time. And of course, there were tough ones (and a few I still haven’t beaten – dang you Silver [...]

Apple's Death Star

Apple's Death Star
Wow, that’s a whole lot of patent troll ca$h Apple just extracted from Samsung!? Why do people support Apple, when Apple takes from their devotees way too high a profit margin on all their items? It’s some weird form of Stockholm Syndrome where, since you were already leached so much money by this company, you now feel obligated [...]

Boycott Nathans Hot Dog Eating Contes...

Boycott Nathans Hot Dog Eating Contest July 4th
TEAM KOBI! Watching the hot dog eating contest has become somewhat of a tradition for me. It’s just good fun, taken to such a high (absurd) level that you can’t help but to be impressed. The legend Kobayashi truly raised the level of competition and helped take the eating contest to the masses. Unfortunately, the grinding, powerf [...]

Better Peer-Review,… and less money g...

Better Peer-Review,… and less money gauging by Journals
Now that I’m doing research outside of Academia and don’t rely quite as much on publishing to validate my self-worth J (and secure my family’s future), I thought I would not be so passionate or frustrated with the whole research article publishing process. I am, however, still trying to publish work from my last gig – and I [...]