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A better economy, some steps to take ...

A better economy, some steps to take (let's just try to ignore the government)
Stop helping already!? This, seemingly endless, bad economy and do-nothing government is really starting to wear on me. Lucky for me and my family, we are doing okay. I have been thinking a lot lately about ‘producing jobs’. I found a great job, after a long and aggressive hunt – and I have a lot of degrees and experience, w [...]

The future of electronic lab notebook...

The future of electronic lab notebooks…again
So many tablets coming out! They are getting better, but they’re not really all that different than the tablets of decades past – However, they certainly are gaining consumer support. I mean, I got one of the $99 HP touchpads in the fire sale. For that price why not. And heck I love the thing (I’ve played with the iPad and m [...]

post-PC era ELNs?

post-PC era ELNs?
The introduction of the iPad, and now iPad 2, XOOM, Galaxy Tab,… has prompted some in the tech world to believe we are moving into a new post-PC era (I mean the prophet Steve Jobs said so, it must be true). Well, since Apple’s influence is so absurd on many people, whatever Apple says does actually seem to come to pass. So I thoug [...]

Academia: A Broken System – F...

Academia: A Broken System  –  Failed or Bailed
As I wrap up my PhD, I can’t help but to ask myself if I will consider myself a ‘failed academic’ or a ‘bailed academic’. I mean, I’m no Charlie Sheen, I can’t turn tin cans into gold or anything; but I’ve always been pretty successful at everything I’ve tried. Now, it’s not like I h [...]

Courier e-lab-book!!

Courier e-lab-book!!
An answer to my ELN prayers, check out the breaking story on engadget. This is small enough for a lab coat pocket, around a pound, accepts pen input – handwriting recognition, I think it integrates with Onenote! What the!? This would be great. It doesn’t come out until 3Q or 4Q of 2010, but man the future looks bright for ELNs &# [...]

Wearable Computer – Wearable EL...

Wearable Computer – Wearable ELN
I know, I know, I have STILL not redone the ELN guide. But you know how lab researchers get carried away with their experiments – I will get to it soon, we just submitted a paper so I will (hopefully) have some time. These MIT students developed a wearable computer that actually looks quite functional. Wouldn’t that be great (when [...]

Vision: The Hands Free ELN of the Fut...

Vision: The Hands Free ELN of the Future
    Endulge my wild imagination for a moment. I’m going to discuss a possible Super ELN which may seem outrageous, but actually is feasible now! [swfobj src="http://e-lab-book.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/09/c1-epoc-content.swf" height="295" width="500"]    I have mused of the ‘Legend’ video recording [...]