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Sharing printers from 64-bit(or 32-bi...

Sharing printers from 64-bit(or 32-bit) windows to 32-bit(or 64-bit) windows
This is SO ABSURD, but I thought I would put this here so I could personally find it. And hopefully others will be helped by it. The switch-over from 32-bit OS to 64-bit is on. And for the most part it is fine. But WHY sharing a printer is so insanely hard I have no clue! Here’s what you have to do 1) Share Permissions >>1. On explorer, [...]

My Guide to a 'Nearly Free'...

My Guide to a 'Nearly Free' shared ELN – Using what I have
In progress…… Only 2 Things You’ll Need Microsoft Onenote  This isn’t really free (well it is for 60 days). However, it came with Microsoft Office (which most people need or get anyway). Shared folder on desktop PC to hold the ELN Onenote folder  We have a lab NAS (Buffalo Linkstation Pro) that I tried to use for the shared Onenot [...]