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Onenote, Skydrive, Web App, & Gla...

Onenote, Skydrive, Web App, & Gladinet … Wow!
I’ve been running my current lab research project for about 4 years. I started off with a small group and was sharing Onenote 2007 from one computer to two others on our network. I tried a couple times to synch to different cloud services (tried Groove a LONG time ago), but it always seemed easier (and better) to run from a shared comp [...]

Office 2010 Review: ELN improvements ...

Office 2010 Review: ELN improvements and shortcomings
I’ll mainly be reviewing Onenote, but I do want to say that powerpoint seems to have some nice new stuff – particularly you can embed videos (man that has always been annoying, being on a computer without the right codec or something). The big thing (which wasn’t really a part of the technical preview) is the web app versions of office progra [...]

My 'Groove'y Experience Sha...

My 'Groove'y Experience Sharing Onenote
  So, it turns out that my insatiable desire to always try out new programs that I think will make my life easier, inevitabley backfires and initially makes my life much harder. But it’s always a great ride, right….? My newest ride was Microsoft’s Groove 2007. (more…)