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Monthly archives for May, 2011

Project Euler – Crazy Function

Project Euler – Crazy Function
update: HAHA! Got it! With some Mathematica help on solving summations. I managed to see the ‘easy’ pattern everyone talks about in the forum that gets unlocked upon solving it! Boy I really over did this one (4 a^2 (2 + b) + a (b (9 + 5 b – 5 c) – 8 c) - 3 b (2 + b) c + (4 a – 3 c) (-2 + a – Mod[b, a]) M [...]

Ahh, too slow in 1B Google Code Jam &...

Ahh, too slow in 1B Google Code Jam – Revenge of the Hot Dogs
Oh man! I had it. If only I was as fast as these guys to the left! I got short and long for the 1st problem (but almost everyone did). I was so close to finishing the second one, (I would have had to get the long set as well at that point in the competition to make the top 1000). Don’t know if I want to try at 2am my time the round 1C&# [...]

Round 1A – Pseudominion Busted ...

Round 1A – Pseudominion Busted Me #GoogleCodeJam
Hmmm… Google code jam really took it to me in Round 1A.  I thought I would be clever and use strategy to get into the top 1000. I knew my strengths and weaknesses. Weakness- only a month of programming experience and in Python (which doesn’t execute as fast as C++), so speed is not my friend Strength- problem solving ability So, a [...]

Google CodeJam 2011 GoroSort!!! 55pts...

Google CodeJam 2011 GoroSort!!! 55pts on to next round.
GORO!!! All I had to do was find the number of elements out of place!! I actually thought I tried that!  GCJ Well, I got 3/4 problems correct. On one of them I didn’t get the Long data set because I didn’t realize I could only try once so I had not yet optimized my code (I thought I could gauge how much optimization I would requir [...]