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Prelim Evaluation of Lenovo X60 Tablet vs OQO 01+


  After a couple years with the OQO 01+, I stepped up a couple pounds to the Lenovo X60 tablet. Here are my initial impressions of the comparative pros/cons of both. It’s a short list, but in a month or so I’ll be better able to truly compare the two form factors.


  OQO 01+
Size – In a crowded lab, there is no way to beat the OQO! I have already noticed I need my space with the X60.

Access to keyboard – A bit of a surprise here. Due to the fact you have to spin the screen around on the X60 to switch from tablet to laptop, the OQO actually comes out on top – you simply slide up the screen.


  Lenovo X60 Tablet
SPEED – HOLY COW! This is how Onenote was meant to be used! Switch pen colors instantly, open Excel in a second, open PDF protocols in no time. There is NO CONTEST when speed is concerned.

TOUCH SCREEN – I was excited for this, so I may be have a certain bias. I love the touch screen. I’m so used to it (after only 1 week) that when I use my wife’s laptop I keep reaching out to press links or open things. I have heard on engadget’s podcast before the fact that a touch screen (like the iphone) will not replace keyboard input. I would agree with that, but let’s not underestimate touch screen’s value. I LOVE IT!

Real Estate – Granted, you have unlimited page size with a virtual notebook. However, I am enjoying having more screen real estate to right on and view. The speed and real estate combine to allow for Vista’s sidebar which can present alot of useful info and access.



It is very much a toss up right now. For my purposes the X60 is what I need right now, but the size of the OQO is a much bigger factor than I had first imagined.

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