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A New Lab


Sorry for the neglect to the site lately.


I was moving to a new lab (actually I’m still moving). In the coming year, as a part of the Interdepartmental Neuroscience Program at UC Irvine, I will rotate in sevral labs before picking the lab I want to do my PhD work in. So I will have a chance to try the ELN (electronic lab notebook) in various settings.

Currently I am using the Lenovo X60 Tablet with multitouch (touch screen and active digitizer ability). The touch screen has become second nature and has really added another dimension of functionality to its use as an ELN.

I’m getting settled and I will try to do at least weekly highlights of possible new hardware and/or interesting ways to use the ELN. There is alot of hardware going on right now!!

You can always flip through my previous research work, if you’re bored, using the menu on the right sidebar to get ideas. I still need to work on that stuff as well.

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