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Okay, it’s time to start this up again!

I have a new son – Maxwell Ethan McClelland (born July 21, 2007)

We are all moved.

I am all settled in to a new lab.

Classes start back up next week.

I am ready to go!

I went to NextFest last weekend and saw a bunch of cool stuff. I got to actually see the OQO 02 in person. Since switching to my Lenovo (which I love) and selling my OQO 01+, I haven’t thought about it in awhile. It kind of made me miss the little thing. But only as a cool gadget. I still think the lab notebook (at this time) is better done on a faster computer.

Feel free to leave input on directions you would like to see the website go.

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    September 18, 2007    

    Congrats! :)

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