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Onenote to WordPress – WebPublishing my e-Lab-book


     Okay, I really want to webpublish my lab notebook on here so people can have an example and see how convenient it is (and so I can pull up the info to show people whenever I want). So I am working on a good way to publish the Onenote Notebook to wordpress or even just to the web.

     I can save each page as a webpage, but there’s over 300 pages of research and, furthermore each page would not be linked.

     I can save it all as a onenote package, but then the viewer would need onenote (whish I think they should have) and you wouldn’t really being viewing it on the website, you would be downloading a large file and opening it on your computer.

     If there are any ideas out there please email me or leave a comment pointing me in the right direction.

Here’s an example of publishing from Onenote as .mht file, then opening in word 2007 and publishing to WordPress. But then it’s pretty much just a picture of the page. What do you think? LINK

Or click on the ELN category in the sidebar for a couple pages I processed using this method

UPDATE: I’ve settled on buying a Lenovo X60 tablet with multitouch, so in the future I should be able to compare the pros/cons of the Handtop vs. Convertable Tablet PC.

UPDATE: I’ve put feelers out for several different ELN softwares which I will try out for awhile and then review on the site. Any specific suggestions are welcome.


  1. blair's Gravatar blair
    May 8, 2007    

    I have been playing with onenote as a E-Labbook for a while also but have just started to extend it in ways that have not been done before (an example I wrote an Addin which allows you to make a page read only for when the experiement is done and you do not want to change anything else). I am currently looking into a web publishing addin would you be interested in testing it for me? If so contact me at: blair0011@hotmail.com


  2. May 8, 2007    

    I would love to test it out, right now there’s so many unnecessary steps to get it published to the website (not terrible, but could be easier). That read only thing sounds great for collaborative work. What kind of research are you doing and where? It’s good to hear someone is tinkering and using ELNs. I figure we’ll have to make them pretty easier to use before they are widely utilized.

  3. imtechnology's Gravatar imtechnology
    October 28, 2007    

    I dont know if it will help but this website might be of interest to some people looking for a no frills ELN and LIMS system for a small molecular biology lab.

    Your Lab Data is a free web-based LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System), aimed at a typical small molecular biology laboratory. It allows users to manage their chemicals, fridges, freezers, boxes, strains, plasmids or glycerol’s, oligos / primers and much more.

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