random thoughts on science and tech... yeah, it used to be about electronic lab notebooks but that was a decade ago

Bioinformatic Software Developer

Well, my family and I traveled a thousand miles to Colorado and I am now (becoming) a Bioinformatic Software Developer at ThermoFisher Scientific. I’m seeing some serious electronic lab notebook stuff – but I don’t think I’m necessarily allowed to talk about their stuff :).

I’m drinking from the fire hose of Agile development, C#, and Team Foundation Server. Not to mention the fire hose of ThermoFisher itself -it is an enormous company doing some amazing things. Hopefully I figure things out and get up to speed.

I imagine at some point I will rework the blog, as this has become more a general science blog than an ELN blog over the years. It started pretty focused (8 years ago), but has evolved. And, since Academia is the only real holdout on ELN adoption and I am no longer as close to Academia, my ELN evangelic quest may be at a low. But information storage, access, sharing, analysis,… it’s all still a big part of my interest and drive. Now the focus is more on the ‘making sense of it all’ side of things.

We, my family, are excited about our new life in Colorado and I’m excited to be a part of figuring it all out….everything, together in one giant ‘lab notebook’. :)


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