random thoughts on science and tech... yeah, it used to be about electronic lab notebooks but that was a decade ago


Why an e-Lab-book? (link)

About what?

This site is a log of my quest for the next step in the evolution of lab science. Scientists have historically been on the cutting edge of technology. However, recently the technology sector has diverged a bit from the ‘lab’ scientist.

Why are we still using pen and paper to record and organize our data?
Why do we write out all our protocols and data by hand?
Why do we then copy stuff into excel for calculations?

The Tablet PC is here and ready to use. It gets better all the time, but is certainly ready to help streamline laboratory science today.

This was written so long ago (2007), it’s funny to see that ‘the Tablet PC is here and ready to use’ again :). However, I actually think the slow shift has gone to electronic records of experiments (not with tablets), so that’s good. –08/2011

OQO and ME

My tech history

-First memories – Atari – as a kid watching my dad’s biker friend play Asteroids on the Atari he flipped the score (scored as high as the game could count, so it started back at zero)!

IBM Green Screen PC – Entered hex code for some program my dad’s company wrote (some tax program I think?)

Commodore 128 – still just a kid, learned to program a little in BASIC and played a bunch of games

80386 – Probably a pre-teen at the time, my family got it’s first x86 machine, unpacked it at grandma and grandpa’s house (since we wouldn’t be home from visiting for a couple days) and I BROKE IT! My dad was pretty mad, but I learned all about autoexec and config files!

Nintendo – roughly the same time frame as the 80386, I used my saved up money to buy a Nintendo. I should have been a surgeon with all the video game hours I logged.

Micron Pentium 90 – High School, I saved money from working a summer at a seafood processing plant (Hard work), bought my very own computer. Ran a BBS for a bit when we had a dedicated modem line. Went with me to college, where it morphed into many different incarnations.

Al Gore starts the Internet – My college computer (now with pretty much nothing from the Micron P90 left) saw the beginning of the internet. Things like GOPHER and telnet, nothing like now. Started a Triple Jump Page (was doing the triple jump in college at the time).

High speed internet and I leave the campus – By the time I graduated, I had a Gateway laptop and was used to hooking the ethernet cable in to the university high speed internet (dialup was the norm, but unbearable for me). Lucky for me, as I left for the real world high speed internet did as well.

Tablet PC – went through a few laptops and desktops, before going back to school where I decided to buy an Electrovaya scribbler.

Handtop– Sold the Electrovaya and used the OQO 01+ for quite some time in the lab.

Tablet PC – Back to a tablet PC, Lenovo X60T, needed a keyboard to write my thesis. Stuck with it for years, tablets (and laptops for that matter) didn’t progress much … age of the ‘netbook’, had laptop power going in reverse.

Network ELNРDuring the PhD project I had multiple workers (from 2 to 6) on the project. Used Onenote shared over multiple desktops and my laptop (moved to a Sony Vaio Z, never really use the pen input much).

CGI– During the PhD, I got into generating 3D graphics and animation of molecules, reactions, concepts. One of the desktops used in the ELN network was a ‘power machine’ (i7-12GB ram) for doing my 3D animation and illustration.

History of ME

My Family
-Married in 2004 to Erin
-Three Boys : Max (July 2007), Zak (May 2009), and Nathan (June 2011)

My Education/Career
-BS Food Science w/ a minor in Chemistry from Brigham Young University
-Special Projects Flavor Chemist at American Fruits & Flavors
-MS Biochemistry from California State University Northridge
-PhD Biomedical Sciences at UC Irvine – Epilepsy research (epigenetic regulation in epileptogenesis)
-Associate Specialist – Postdoctoral Fellow at UC Irvine


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