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Onenote, Skydrive, Web App, & Gla...

Onenote, Skydrive, Web App, & Gladinet … Wow!
I’ve been running my current lab research project for about 4 years. I started off with a small group and was sharing Onenote 2007 from one computer to two others on our network. I tried a couple times to synch to different cloud services (tried Groove a LONG time ago), but it always seemed easier (and better) to run from a shared comp [...]

post-PC era ELNs?

post-PC era ELNs?
The introduction of the iPad, and now iPad 2, XOOM, Galaxy Tab,… has prompted some in the tech world to believe we are moving into a new post-PC era (I mean the prophet Steve Jobs said so, it must be true). Well, since Apple’s influence is so absurd on many people, whatever Apple says does actually seem to come to pass. So I thoug [...]