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Courier e-lab-boo...

Courier e-lab-book!!

An answer to my ELN prayers, check out the breaking story on engadget. This is small enough for a lab coat pocket, around a pound, accepts pen input – handwriting recognition, I think it integrates with Onenote! What the!? This would be great. It doesn’t come out until 3Q or 4Q of 2010, but man […]

21 CFR part 11 and Onen...

21 CFR part 11 and Onenote

I received the question below about switching to ELNs, rule compliance, and Onenote: Hi Shawn, Im a second year graduate student at the University of Pittsburgh. I was looking online for potential ELN options ( I use endnote for other things myself and was infact wondering how useful it would be as an ELN when […]

Office 2010 Review: ELN improvements and shortcomi...

Office 2010 Review: ELN improvements and shortcomings

I’ll mainly be reviewing Onenote, but I do want to say that powerpoint seems to have some nice new stuff – particularly you can embed videos (man that has always been annoying, being on a computer without the right codec or something). The big thing (which wasn’t really a part of the technical preview) is […]

Office 2...

Office 2010

Yeah! I was ‘accepted’ for the Office 2010 Technical Preview. I’ll check it out to see if it adds some functionality to my ELN.

The Academia Problem – Preventing ELN Adopt...

The Academia Problem – Preventing ELN Adoption

I’ve been hanging out in the ‘Ivory tower’ of Academia for quite some time now. Trying to push my crazy/complicated tech nerd ideas. (These people work out complex signal transduction cascades of chemicals in the neurons of the brain, but writing into a searchable computer notebook is too complicated?) We know that as tech in […]