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gpodder Error Fix/Workaround: Runtime...

gpodder Error Fix/Workaround: Runtime error R6034 when launching
This error has vexed me for awhile now.   Bug 1489 on their site. https://bugs.gpodder.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1489  One fix I was using for awhile was to reboot in safe mode and run gpodder to update my podcasts Luckily someone came up with a way to get gpodder to run from the command line after resetting the PATH. I’ [...]

Academia: A Broken System – F...

Academia: A Broken System  –  Failed or Bailed
As I wrap up my PhD, I can’t help but to ask myself if I will consider myself a ‘failed academic’ or a ‘bailed academic’. I mean, I’m no Charlie Sheen, I can’t turn tin cans into gold or anything; but I’ve always been pretty successful at everything I’ve tried. Now, it’s not like I h [...]