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Google Code Jam 2013 Qualification Ro...

Google Code Jam 2013 Qualification Round
Fair and Square Pretty easy to pass the qualifier, I did the first problem – Tic-Tac-Toe-Tomek -. I did the small and large inputs, so I guess that alone would qualify me because it’s 10 and 30 points; and all you need is 35 I think. But who knows, maybe I made a mistake with the large input (which doesn’t get checked until [...]

Academia: A Broken System – F...

Academia: A Broken System  –  Failed or Bailed
As I wrap up my PhD, I can’t help but to ask myself if I will consider myself a ‘failed academic’ or a ‘bailed academic’. I mean, I’m no Charlie Sheen, I can’t turn tin cans into gold or anything; but I’ve always been pretty successful at everything I’ve tried. Now, it’s not like I h [...]