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Academia: A Broken System – F...

Academia: A Broken System  –  Failed or Bailed
As I wrap up my PhD, I can’t help but to ask myself if I will consider myself a ‘failed academic’ or a ‘bailed academic’. I mean, I’m no Charlie Sheen, I can’t turn tin cans into gold or anything; but I’ve always been pretty successful at everything I’ve tried. Now, it’s not like I h [...]

Off topic: Synergy, Live Writer, and ...

Off topic: Synergy, Live Writer, and no more Groove
Before I finish up my new guide on how I set up my current lab ELN, I wanted to organize things and fix little nuisances.   Synergy It may be a cheesy business buzzword, but it’s also a simple and wonderful little program. Synergy is a small program that you can install on multiple computers which allows you to use a single keyboa [...]